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Ticket sale starts soon

Upcoming event:

SugarLAN v11.0

26-28 May 2017 - Brabanthal, Leuven, Belgium


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Thanks for being part of SugarLAN v10.1

w00t w00t! What an extraordinary weekend! You all made the best of it! Thanks for creating such a wonderful atmosphere!
A special thanks to all sponsors, crew, volunteers, partners, city Tienen and YOU!!

See you next year!

PS.: expect pictures upcoming weekend!


Kayzr & SugarLAN partner compo

Kayzr & SugarLAN partner compo

Saturday evening people can have a blast in the Kayzr Rocket League Rumble compo live at SugarLAN.

Compo Information

Only people present at SugarLAN can participate in this competition. You can sign up by:

  • Creating an account
  • Add your gamertag under the 'My Profile' tab on your profile
  • Create a team with at least 3 players present at SugarLAN for the game Rocket League
  • Come to seat D2 & D3 to confirm your team (ask for Fraise or Neglexis)


Feedback & questions

If you have any questions feel free to ask them at our discord server or by sending a mail at: [email protected].


  • Under the rules tab you find all info about how to create lobbies with your team
  • Enter the score between each game in the sidebar on the right



Register @ https://kayzr.com/tournament/QhWFWpuqnQGSJKuPA

Compo prijzen
Door omstandigheden zijn er nog enkele aanpassingen gebeurd aan de prijzen van enkele competities.
Bij deze wissels hebben we geprobeerd de waarde +- gelijk te houden.
Volgende aanpassingen zijn gebeurd:
2th: Corsair Sabre ipv Roccat Kova
Rocket League:
2th: Corsair Sabre ipv Roccat Kova
1st: Corsair Raptor K40 ipv Roccat Kave

Compo-inschrijvingen CSGO, RL en LOL

De compo-inschrijvingen voor CS:GO, Rocket League en LoL sluiten binnen enkele minuten!

We're working on it

We zien dat ernkele problemen zijn qua online gaming.

Overwacht hebben we net op een aparte lijn gezet, dit probleem zou opgelost moeten zijn.
Momenteel nemen we Rocket League onder handen

Welcome @ SugarLAN!

Welkom @ SugarLAN!

Alle inschrijvingen zijn weer geopend.

20u45: BEL-BOS @ Cafetaria!
21u30: Loting CSGO, HearthStone en LOL
23u00: Start Pokercompo

KAYZR Rocket League Rumble 3v3 competition!

On Saturday evening KAYZR will organise a Rocket League 3v3 competition @ SugarLAN v10.1
Register your team at https://kayzr.com/tournament/QhWFWpuqnQGSJKuPA .


Logistic Partners